Saturday, 19 May 2012

"Inside job" movie

A great Charles Ferguson's documentary "Inside job" from 2010 about the reasons behind the financial crash of 2008 revealing unsettling truth about the greed and corruption of financial "specialists", politicians, “third party” evaluators of financial institutions and even economists - academics from prominent universities like Harvard and Berkeley. Several thoughts come to mind when watching the movie. The first one is that you cannot change the malfunctioning system with people who created it. The second thought is about all these ratings of universities based on the number of their publications in leading scientific journals. The question is what is the value of these publications if they are leading the society  into disaster? And the third thought is even more disturbing. We have all been exposed to consequences of the financial crisis, but the culprits behind the great master plan walked away with millions and have even been employed by the new administration to manage the financial system…again. The system is still largely a run away train with no regulation and no supervision, although it is crystal clear what the consequences of this kind of governance are. So what hope does this leave for the sustainability discourse? For taking into consideration the planetary boundaries and setting limits to many environmentally adverse activities? I think none at all as long as the short-sightedness, greed and total unaccountability is ruling the world... 

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