Friday, 14 June 2013

Disspelling the myths: our concept is catching on!

I will be participating in the Swedish Almedalen week where results of the project on dispelling the myths will be used in a discussion with EU commissioner Connie Hedegaard, director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre Johan Rockström, archbishop of the Swedish church Anders Wejryd, Svenska Kyrkan, and the Director of the Swedish Environmental Labelling organisation Ragnar Unge. Join us in the discussion if you are there, July 1, 14-15.30, Södra Kyrkogatan 13, Westanders trädgård, Visby, Gotland. More information about the event in Swedish can be found here.

Also our work on disspelling the myth about consumption behaviour is been taken up and now UNEP and the Switch-Asia programme are using the concept to brainstorm with Asian policy makers solutions to the myths about sustainable consumption in Kathmandu. Their myths are adjusted to the Asian context and address the following issues:
  • Myth 1: Sustainable Consumption is against poverty reduction
  • Myth 2: Informed consumers will consume sustainably
  • Myth 3: Economic growth leads to improved wellbeing
  • Myth 4: Small environmental actions lead to big changes

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