Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Role of Business in Promoting Sustainable Consumption: Airbnb

Our society is currently facing a continuously growing gap between our increasing consumption and the decline of natural resources and social equity. Using the ecological footprint as an indi-cator for this development, three or five planets Earth would be required if everyone was to adopt the consumption patterns and lifestyles of the average citizen of the UK or the US.

Many of the current business models have limited ability to address these sustainability chal-lenges. A paper written by a Master student from the IIIEE, Gabriele Schliwa, aims to present and analyse an example of an innovative business model that motivates, enables and shapes sustainable consumption and sustainable lifestyles. To examine a new business model the company Airbnb is chosen, which is an online community marketplace of peer-to-peer travel. The paper addresses the questions “Why do we need business models that address the con-sumption side?” and “In what way does the chosen example reduce environmental impacts as-sociated with consumption?” It discusses how alternative business models can be supported by policy and public.

If you are interested in reading the full paper, please contact Gabriele Schliwa at

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